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About Rizir

The brand was created with the purpose of delivering pieces that had Fashion with Functionality. A brand with an honest, transparent narrative - that gives back with every purchase."

Our mission and visionย are to create refined and unique statement bags and accessories that bring the spotlight wherever you go!

Our founder had a deep passion for heritage craftsmanship and an unwavering commitment to sustainability & envisioned bags that could seamlessly blend style, functionality, and quality in a modern way.

Driven by this vision, RIZIR was born with skilled artisans who poured their heart and soul into each bag's creation. We committed ourselves to using only the finest materials, ensuring the longevity of every piece we crafted.

But RIZIR is not just about bags; it's about the people who carry them. We celebrate the diverse stories of our customers, from the professional woman who conquers the corporate world to the adventurous traveler who explores new horizons with our most trendyย colorful bags by their side.

We're a community that values quality, sustainability, and individuality. With every stitch, we weave together the threads of artistry and responsibility. Our bags are more than accessories; they're a testament to the values we hold dear.

We believe there is a need for more choice in the quality fashion space - an alternative to products derived from animals. Designed with credibility, manufactured with quality. Collectible, functional, accessibly priced + designed with love.

Join us on this journey, where each bag becomes a fun chapter in your own story.
RIZIR is a lifestyle, an expression of your unique identity, and a commitment to a better future.

Welcome to the RIZIR family, where every bag carries a story, and every story is worth celebrating.