“Fashion is what you’re offered four times a year by designers. And style is what you choose.”

– Lauren Hutton

At Rizir, our aim is exactly that - to empower you and to enable you to choose your personal style. We believe in the power of fashion, the power it holds to boost confidence and to magnificently transform even the drabbest of moods.

Like icing on a cake, accessories hold the power to uplift by multitudes the look of any outfit be it formal or informal. Our goal lies in curating a collection of accessories that suit all occasions and tastes. In other words, we seek to bring to you a seamless, emboldening and comfortable experience.

With years of experience earmarked in our books, our products have been at the centre-stage of appreciation not only in India but also internationally. From sourcing materials and manufacturing to exporting, the sophistication of the art is not lost at the hands of our workers and team, with each member pouring considerable care into even the tiniest of details. The heart of this labour is and has always, without resignation been customer satisfaction. And so, when you purchase a product, you not only purchase an accessory, you also get a piece of our values and hard work ladened with love. We hope that you delight in the same.