The Scrunchie Switch

Everybody already loves scrunchies! The fastest growing trend online, scrunchies actually first appeared in the 70’s and have been a prominent part of the fashion ever since. If you’re an internet user then you would have come across a scrunchie at least at some point or the other. But did you know these beautiful hair ties benefit you more than just keeping your hair out of your face? Here are our top 5 reasons to make the scrunchie switch!

No breakage

Yes, you read that right! Unlike standard hair ties, scrunchies are far more softer on your hair. The extra layer of fabric between organza scrunchies and elastic avoids the snagging and pulling of hair. Scrunchies are easy to pull out as they seamlessly glide through your hair.

A Saviour

Have you ever had one of those days where you wake up and no matter what you do your hair just doesn't seem to look good? Well, scrunchies can be your saviour on all those days. They take a bad hair day and turn it into a good hair day effortlessly. Scrunchies can fix your bad hair day as you use them to make a bun or a ponytail giving you a nice hairstyle that amps up your look.

Goodbye kinks

Regular hair ties always end up leaving kinks on your hair. But with scrunchies that’s not the case. The extra layering from the fabric dramatically decreases the lines on your hair which are usually left by other hair ties.

Harder to lose

Now this is an important one! All of us tend to lose our hair ties and are never able to find one when we need one. Scrunchies are bigger than standard hair ties, and so, they aren’t easily lost. Most women who use scrunchies can vouch for it.

Headaches Who?

Using fancy scrunchies for hair definitely helps in this case scenario. Most hair tie users would tell you that they have experienced headaches from using the standard hair ties. Organza scrunchies on the other hand are supremely gentle on the hair.

Scrunchies are a great investment for anybody who is looking for a hair tie. They aren’t only beautiful statement pieces but they also help keep one’s hair healthy and secure by being gentle. Explore our selection of premium quality scrunchies here.

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