Scrunching styling

Scrunchies are taking up the internet by storm. Most likely, you have either hopped on the scrunchie trend or you are still trying to figure out how to style it or wondering what all the hype is about. In this blog we are going to discuss why scrunchies are great for you and give you some styling tips!

The Hype

If you have hair that is long enough to be tied, then you NEED a scrunchie! Regular hair ties are extremely bad for your hair and cause a lot of damage & breakage. They pull your hair in rough ways because of the elastic present in them. Now that we know the bad, let's jump to the good! Contrary to elastic bands, scrunchies are very tender and gentle. They reduce damage and breakage all while keeping your hair out of your face. And as if that wasn’t a reason good enough to make the switch, scrunchies are super fashionable. There are so many interesting ways to style this hair accessory, let’s look at a few!

Scrunchie It Up!

The Messy Bun

Lazy but chic - this fun and easy way to style your hair is perfect for days when your hair needs a quick fix. Perfect for hot summer days & a quick shopping run, this hairstyle can be easily achieved by simply making a messy bun and leaving some shorter bang pieces in the front. Once your messy bun is ready, secure it with an appropriately sized scrunchie and viola! Your effortlessly chic look is ready.

The Braid

This one is for all our ladies with super long hair. Managing long hair can be quite a task, especially if they get tangled up or are easily knotted. Making a medium tight braid by gathering your hair on one side can give you a super cute look while keeping your hair out of your face. This hairstyle will also help in managing your long hair and avoid knots. Secure your braid with a scrunchie and you are ready for the day!

The Topknot

Popularised by social media, topknots are an easy way to style your hair. Securing the topknot with a scrunchie keeps it from moving and also adds more definition to your hairstyle. The scrunchie can be matched to your outfit or be used as a colour block.

Scrunchies are great for your hair and can be styled in so many quick and easy ways that even an amateur can ace it. They provide the support your hair needs while keeping them secure and healthy. If you are looking for designer scrunchies for girls or women, then you have come to the right place. Explore a plethora of fancy scrunchies for hair online here.

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