Scrunchies are back and they’re here to stay!

Scrunchies, a fashion trend from the 90’s is officially back and it looks like it’s here to stay. A refreshing change from the regular hair ties, scrunchies are helping people make fashion statements. Here are our top 5 reasons to why this trend is here to stay

1) Everybody is wearing them!

Yep- from influencers to celebrities, scrunchies have paved their way to the fashion forward crowd. Stars like Deepika Padukone, Selena Gomez, J-Lo have all hopped on the scrunchie trend! Now that the who's who of the entertainment industry has already approved the trend and joined the bandwagon, it’s certain that this trend is here to stay for a really long time.

2) Skincare & nighttime routine BFFs

Your ultimate best friend when it comes to keeping hair away from your face, scrunchies for hair are the perfect solution. Unlike other hair ties with elastic bands, they don’t pull or damage your hair. The cloth layer on top of the scrunchie gives extra support and protection to the hair keeping them untangled, out of the face and healthy. A perfect companion for your skincare routines and bedtime, scrunchies are the best available hair ties at present.

3) The style factor

Self explanatory, whether a 90s fashion lover or a hater, scrunchies are a fashion trend that you have given into! And how could you not? Designer scrunchies are for girls, women and anybody who would wear them. The bold colour options, prints, designs and more definitely transform and elevate the wearer’s style.

4) Dress up or dress down!

You can dress them up or dress them down, seriously! Scrunchies can help create multiple looks. Their different texture, materials and prints can help you pair them up with any look, be it a sexy date night fit or a lazy Sunday brunch. With endless possibilities when it comes to styling options, scrunchies can help you attain a sleek pony, a messy bun or a half down look among others.

5) They are good for your hair

Scrunchies are great companions for all hair types. They are not harsh on your hair like the regular hair ties, their smooth finish helps keep your hair secure and in place without causing any breakage. Scrunchies are the best for curly hair and can make a plethora of difference for the user. Fancy scrunchies for hair are for everybody who is willing to show extra love to their hair.

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