5 Good Reasons To Use Tote Bags

Every woman loves tote bags, and fairly so. There is just something about these versatile and durable beauties that attract us towards them. These beautiful bags can be worn and adorned in multiple ways, making them awfully popular amongst fashion enthusiasts and stylists. Here are some of the reasons why a designer canvas tote bag is good for you -

It’s Versatile

Apart from being beautifully crafted and chic, a canvas tote bag is probably one of the most versatile handbags for women. These spacious bags can be used as a shopper bag, travel bag, school bag, gym bag and just so much more. You can style a canvas tote bag differently depending on the occasion.

Eco-Friendly & Vegan

Every fashion enthusiast understands the importance of buying pieces that are not causing a lot of harm to the environment and that can be passed down. Cotton and designer canvas tote bags for women are all made of fabric making them eco-friendly as opposed to traditional leather handbags for women.


Every woman knows how difficult it is for us to carry all our essentials in small crossbody bags. A good designer canvas tote bag can help carry everything you might need with ease and finesse. Because of how spacious these women’s handbags are, tote bags are a great choice for one’s shopping trips, as travel bags, work bags for women and more.


There are days when we don’t feel like putting much thought into our outfits, if you are somebody who enjoys wearing neutrals or monochrome outfits, this one's for you. Canvas tote bags can be a game changer, they are the perfect companion if you want to color block an outfit or add a statement piece that adds just the right amount of glamour to your look. And the best part? They never go out of style. The different design, patterns, materials and colour schemes really make them an appropriate choice.

The Space

Tote bags are BIG and with the recent fashion trends their sizes are only going up. Because of their design and structure, tote bags are one of the most spacious handbags for women. Easy to take care of and maintain, canvas tote bags are the amalgamation of style, usability, longevity and comfort.

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